The Best Cities to Visit in Belgium

Belgium is located at the center of important trade routes. Its cities have attracted wealth and resources for a long time, as well as the associated battles to conquer them. The beautiful centers of the country are rich in history with many impressive churches, cathedrals, and castles. Belgium is the home of fries, waffles and chocolate. There are many fine restaurants and bars in Belgium that cater to all tastes.

The best cities of Belgium will not disappoint, whether it’s the medieval heartbeat of Bruges, the multicultural streets of Brussels, or the pulsing nightlife of Antwerp. The following are the best cities that you should visit in Belgium.


Tournai - Ultimate Travel Guide - Culture tourist

Tournai is home to one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the country. There’s also a charming old Grand Place, a multitude of bars and cafes. Although it is often overlooked, it is well worth a visit. The cathedral is the focal point of the city. However, the streets are lined with many 12th-century churches and military structures.

Tournai has been managed by everyone, from the Franks and Romans all the way to the English and Austrians. Tournai, which is only thirty minutes from Lille, makes a great day trip.


Mechelen Tourism and Vacations: Best of Mechelen, Belgium - Tripadvisor

Mechelen was once the capital of the Netherlands. However, its prestige has declined over the centuries. The historic center, however, still retains its beauty and grandeur. The beautiful central square features the majestic St. Rumboldt Cathedral, which towers over the peaceful cafes and gorgeous facades.

The city is dotted with canals – although they lack the beauty found in Bruge’s, they add charm and character to the area. Also, the amazing old churches, which are mixed with less attractive post-war structures, have a lot of charm. There are many great dining and shopping options in Mechelen’s vibrant streets.


Hasselt Travel Guide -

The historic center of Hasselt, which is pedestrian-friendly, has many beautiful antique buildings, restaurants, and bars. The museum that focuses on gin is well-worth a visit.

Every year there is a lively gin festival that draws huge crowds to the streets. The fountain in the center of the town even pumps out gin every year! Bokrijk is a great spot to visit. It’s a large open-air museum with a lot of old buildings that reflects Flanders’ ancient past.


The inside guide to Ghent, Belgium's quietly cool city | National Geographic

Ghent, often overlooked in favor of Bruges is a hidden gem that delights those who visit its streets. It is a great place to live. Although it is small enough for you to move around easily, it’s large enough to keep you busy. The medieval center is beautiful, with a cathedral, belfry and church dominating the streets.

It is a picturesque part of the city, featuring charming facades and beautiful canals. Ghent is a city that’s surprisingly quiet, yet its streets are alive with people. Ghent is a delight for visitors, with its many museums, bars, and old castle.


Things To Do And See In Mons Belgium In One Day - Travel Passionate

Mons was named the European Capital of Culture 2015 and its charming medieval center and beautiful Grand Place make it an excellent choice for a day trip. The best time to visit Mons is during its annual week-long festival. There are many interesting museums and great bars and restaurants.

The Ducasse de Mons de Doudou celebrations have roots that date back to the 14th century. They are full of local traditions and accompanied by delicious Belgian beer.


Leuven: the small Flemish town with a big (bang) history | Belgium holidays  | The Guardian

Leuven, a beautiful day trip that can be taken by train from Brussels is only half an hour away. It is home to a large student population, the oldest university of Flanders, and its young population fills the streets with life. However, it is quiet on weekends as most people go home.

It is a beautiful area to walk around. The historic center of the city is a delight to explore. The ancient Groot Begijnhof is filled with quiet cobblestone streets. The Oude Markt is the heart of the city, and it’s surrounded by bars and cafes.


VTC2020-Spring Antwerp, Belgium - VTC 2019 Fall

This second-largest city is home to a bustling port that has welcomed traders for many years. It was once one the most important European cities. It is trendy and hip, with its high-end fashion boutiques, jewel shops, art outlets, and art galleries. The lively nightlife makes it an entertaining and fun place to visit.

Antwerp’s historical center, despite being heavily bombed during the Second World War is still beautiful to wander around. The cathedral rises above cobbled streets and contains beautiful architectural pieces. Antwerp offers many cultural attractions, as well as numerous bars, cafes, and restaurants. There is something for everyone. Make sure you stop at the central train station before you leave. It is one of the most beautiful stations in Europe.


The Beauty of Brussels, Belgium | Cvent Blog

Although often overlooked by Paris and Amsterdam neighboring cities, Brussels is an amazing city that is both great to visit as well as to live in. The headquarters of the European Union is located in the capital.

You can explore this multicultural city with its Turkish neighborhoods giving way for Brazilian and Portuguese areas. The architecture is vibrant and lively but has a relaxed vibe. There are beautiful art nouveau buildings that give way to extravagant mansions and concrete structures with huge volumes of concrete.

The Grand Place is located in the heart of Brussels’ historic center. It is undoubtedly the city’s most iconic landmark. You should also visit the nearby museums. Brussels, a European capital with a wide variety of bars and restaurants that offer exceptional cuisine and atmosphere, is well worth a visit.


Where to Stay in Bruges, Belgium - Check in Price

The medieval streets of Bruges are stunning and a dream to explore. The charming cobble streets lead to café-lined squares and winding canals. Ancient church spires tower above everything. It is one of the most beautiful places in Europe and is known as “the Venice of the North”, making it one of the most visited cities in Belgium.

It is stunning, but it can be crowded with tourists. If you’re able to visit it during the week, it’s best to avoid crowds. You’ll find charming bars and cafes scattered throughout this charming city – ideal for sampling Belgium’s amazing beers.

 Montenegro: A Beautiful Travel Destination

Montenegro is a country in the Balkans tucked away on the Adriatic Sea. Beautiful and serene, Montenegro has been an undiscovered gem for many Europeans and Americans alike. This secret destination only became widely known in 2006 when it was granted independence from Serbia and Montenegro. The country continues to be peaceful, beautiful, and perfect for travelers looking to get off the beaten path! In this blog post we will discuss five reasons why you should consider visiting this amazing locale!


This beautiful town sits on the coast of Boka Bay, in Northern Montenegro. The city is known for its amazing architecture and medieval fortress which was built by the Venetians during their reign over this small country. PERAST  has only recently become a popular tourist destination due to it’s beauty and proximity (only 30 miles) to the capital of Podgorica. This small city offers a glimpse into Montenegro’s rich history and culture, making it a must visit location!


The SELJANI MONASTERY is located in the heart of Cetinje, which was once the historic center for this tiny country. The monastery dates back from 1485 when it was built by King Ivan Crnojević as part of an effort to fight off Turkish invaders who were occupying neighboring Bosnia at that time. Today you can find a museum here along with some lovely grounds where you can take amazing photos or just enjoy spending some time outdoors!       


Budva is a charming seaside town in the southwest region of Montenegro. The city sits at the base of Stari Grad, an old fortress built by Illyrian tribes during ancient times. This area has been occupied and fought over for centuries, which contributes to it’s rich history that can still be seen today! Beautiful beaches are also found here making this location one you do not want to miss if visiting Montenegro! You’ll find art galleries, museums housing historical items from throughout time, shopping centers, cafes where you can enjoy traditional meals or spend hours people watching…the list goes on and on!       

RIVER BOAT TOUR – Rijeka Crnojevića River Cruise

If you are looking to explore the country in depth, taking a river boat tour is an excellent way to do it! Montenegro has over 300 miles of rivers and coastlines making this one of the best ways for tourists to see what this incredible gem has to offer. Beautiful views can be seen from your window while sipping on some wine or enjoying delicious appetizers prepared by your personal chef! This is definitely something you need to add onto your list if visiting Montenegro!

MONTENEGRO AIRLINES – Air Travel To/From Montenegro

Did you know that along with being beautiful, safe, rich in history…Montenegro also offers world class service?! The national airline company provides flights only throughout Europe but all flights are extremely affordable and offer high quality service. So if you want to visit this amazing country but don’t have the time or money for a road trip, Montenegro Airlines is definitely an option worth considering!